Your business is great! So where's all the LOVE?

Attracting people and engaging them is HARD WORK.

Who has time for countless hours on social media, blogging, researching and producing the perfect content? Yeah, I know, NOT YOU!

Writing isn't really your 'thing' anyway, so why struggle trying to write your own content, all for a lacklustre result with hardly any engagement?

BREATHE. I can help.

I'm Natalie Foxon, and Foxed is my Content Marketing and Public Relations agency. I know how to attract and engage your clients through great writing and creative content.

I've done it for a bunch of businesses, and now I'm ready to help you.

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I make cracking content and get in front of the right people.

Trust me, I’m a journalist

I'm a university qualified journalist. I spent 10 years in the media and 5 years in corporate communications, plus a few years as a business owner, which makes me the EXACT person you need.

I love results

I value outcomes that work for your business and that’s what I single-mindedly focus on. I get that you don't really care how poetic I am, but that I understand business and results. You and I, we're on the same page with this.

There’s always cake

Sometimes to aid the writing process, cake is required, and it just so happens that I’m the reigning Bulli Show Carrot Cake champion. No, seriously.


I engaged Foxed to update my bio and press kit, and they exceeded my expectations. Nat's ability to convey my brand, communicate my key messages and her attention to detail are second-to-none.

Faye Hollands

Director, Outshine Consulting

Clarissa Hughes

Director, Nen Consulting

Huge thanks to the team at Foxed for an awesome press kit. The whole process was great from end to end. Nat is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

Nat brought great wisdom, insight and enthusiasm to the project that saw us getting a radio interview, newspaper story and hundreds of likes in the first few days of setting up.

Alfred Chidembo

President, Aussie Books for Zim


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