Making Content: There's no point, if there's no purpose

Making Content: There’s no point, if there’s no purpose

Making Content: There’s no point, if there’s no purpose

Apr 30, 2016 / by Natalie Foxon / In Content / Leave a comment

I suppose you’re thinking that it’s about time you wrote a new blog post, because, wellllll… you haven’t done one in a while.

Hold on there, tiger.

Writing content is time consuming and, for some of us, a little stressful (nup, it’s not just you!).

Are you sure your blog post is worth that effort? Or would it be just as beneficial to catch up on episodes of Orphan Black? That’s where I’m headed.

In my years in corporate communications, I would often be asked to ‘write xyz’ or ‘host a webinar’ or ‘make a video’ on whatever the topic was.

My answer was usually ‘why?’

Either I’m getting old and cranky (no comment), or I’m on to something here.

There’s no point in making business content without asking yourself WHY (and having a decent answer). Tweet This

Get that clear and you’ll find it way easier to smash out the content, PLUS you’ll have a greater chance of the content actually working for you (which is kind of the point).

If you’re following a content plan, this should all be happening pretty automatically, but I live in the real world and I reckon you probably don’t have one. Don’t beat yourself up, I’m yet to meet an entrepreneur outside of the public relations/marketing world who has a content plan. That’s a topic for another day 😉

Before you even bother putting your fingers on the keyboard, here are 3 questions to ask yourself.


What is the meaning of life? (Or just this piece of content).

Is it to attract and capture leads? Is it to educate the audience about a product? Is it to showcase your expertise? Is it to build the relationship with the audience by giving them a laugh?

Your answer to WHY should be linked to (or, actually, built from) your business strategy. How is this piece of content helping you towards a business goal?

If you don’t have a clear purpose, consider going to have a nap or a nice cup of tea instead.

Once you’ve figured out the broader answer to WHY, then consider the question as it relates to your actual topic. What message are you wanting to convey and why?


Who is the audience?

This is so important that it could be point number 1.

You want to have a crystal clear image in your mind of who is reading or watching your content, and I mean down to hair colour and preference in MKR contestants (I’m a Tasia and Gracia kind of girl).

Having a good understanding of your audience (and, hopefully, you have this already pretty firm in your mind from a broader business marketing perspective) guides you on what language to use, how wordy to make it and so on.


What action do we want the audience to take?

If you write a blog and don’t have a call to action, does it make a sound? I don’t know what that means but seriously, if you’re going to all that effort to produce some content, don’t just leave it flapping in the breeze.

Send your audience somewhere, ask them to do something.

Again, this links back to your business strategy. It could be that you want people to sign up to your emails (filled with more gold like your blog), tweet a quote, comment, email you, whatever it is if you’ve managed to engage someone with your content, you don’t want to throw away that opportunity.


Here’s an example... A pet supply store owner who is focusing on building their email list could answer with – I’ve noticed there’s a lot of online chat about how effective herbal dog shampoos are. I’ll write a long form post packed with loads of great info, to attract new traffic to my site and from there, drive people to my list. My audience is dog owners in Sydney who are interested in natural and organic products. I want to build my email list.

As business owners, we are way too busy to make content just for the sake of it! Before you start – figure out the purpose by asking yourself WHY am I doing this? WHO am I talking to? And WHAT action do I want them to take?

You’ll not only find the process easier, you’ll have a better of chance of the content working hard for your business, and that, my friend, is the whole idea.

How’d I do? Did you get any new ideas or tips? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts – comment below and let me know what you think, or join me on facey for chats on content and alllllllllll your biz comms.

Want to work with me? That’s my favourite thing! Get in touch.

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