10 must-knows for smashing out great email newsletters

10 must-knows for smashing out great email newsletters

10 must-knows for smashing out great email newsletters

Mar 15, 2016 / by Natalie Foxon / In Content, Email marketing / Leave a comment

Email newsletters. They’re mega time-consuming and tricky to get right.

Soooo WHY would you bother?

Well…at least you know that your emails are being delivered to the audience, right?

I mean, you can’t count on social media for that.

Also, that’s a willing audience you’re working with! After all, they’ve opted in to receiving your emails (woohoo!).

If you decide that – YES! It would be most excellent to curate some content, make some original content and mention events and special offers perhaps, then I have some words of advice.

These are my 10 must-knows for smashing out great email newsletters:


You don’t want people hanging out in your email all day – get them motivated to move onto wherever you want them to go, with a crystal clear Call to Action (e.g. ‘Find out more tips’ that links through to a relevant blog). Include one main call-to-action. The others can be treated as bonuses.


Include a mix of content such as blogs, events, tips and promotional content, with one hero piece of content that stands out up the top above all others. This bit of content could form the theme for the newsletter. If your design isn’t top quality, go easy on the length of the email.


Consider a topic-based regular newsletter – a theme. For example, a pet grooming service could have an email newsletter showcasing the best doggy clips of the week. Give it a name. How about – ‘Watch where you step – the best doggy (hair)dos of the week’. Oh geez that was terrible – you’ll do better.


Limit your words (link through to longer versions of content), include plenty of white (empty) space and use graphics to make it super easy for the reader to do what you want them to do.


Make your newsletters mostly educational and interesting, and a bit promotional.


Your subject lines have to be enticing, and they have to meet the reader’s expectations. If subscribers sign up to informative content on accounting for small business, for example, make sure they get what they signed up for, and that the subject lines reflect that too. Subjects should be short and you can’t go wrong with funny! Questions work well, too. Don’t even get me started on how much I hate click-bait subject lines.


Send your emails regularly. As a guide, fortnightly is a nice plan to start with. Much less frequent and you’ll only get your emails opened once in a blue moon.


Check, double check, triple check for errors including dud links and spelling mistakes.


Test. Around half of all emails are opened on mobile devices so it’s vital that yours looks as great as the original, across all versions.


Measure! Adjust! Measure! Open rates and click-through rates differ significantly from industry to industry, but as a rough guide, if your open rate is under 20% or click-through rate is under 2%, you probably need some help.

I think that just about covers it. Do you have other ideas that work well for your newsletters?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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