Steal the Spotlight

Steal the Spotlight

Steal the Spotlight

Boost your profile and build a tribe with our signature 12 week one-on-one program in online marketing and public relations.

It's your time

Your small business is about to think BIG

/ Social media

Build a following of people who love and promote your brand

/ Website and Google

Shoot up the ranks of google and enjoy lots more traffic to your site

/ Email list

Grow your email list so it's full to the brim with the right people

/ Media and guest blogging

You do great work! Let's spread the message far and wide

Why them and not you?

I get it, it's so frustrating seeing other people in your field getting articles and blogs published, and watching their social media following go up and up.

You’re as qualified, as experienced, and as awesome!

Good news! Becoming known as an expert in your field is totally possible for you, with some commitment, a helping hand and a few tricks of the trade.

I’ll help you recognise what you’ve got that other people would love to hear about. You’ll find your confidence and everything you need to excel in (and enjoy) the spotlight.

What you get

Personal mentoring from media and PR veteran Nat Foxon

/ Spotlight Kickoff Session

An in-depth session in which we map out your master plan

/ Fortnightly Spotlight Sessions

45 minute sessions on strategy and implementation

/ Weekly reviews

Feedback and edits of your output (press release, blog or similar)

/ Advice, prompts and ideas

To keep up the momentum!

An affordable option

To outsource this work to my team will set you back upwards of $1,900/month on a 12-month retainer. This one-on-one mentorship is an affordable pathway to similar results.

The Steal the Spotlight program is perfect for your business if you're ready to boost your profiles and build a tribe, but it's not right for everyone!

Find out if this program is right for you by booking a free (and totally no obligation) 15 min Speed Spotlight Session. (No sales pitch, just a casual chat, pinky promise!)

It's your time for the spotlight!

Get started - book your free Speed Spotlight Session


Matt Hescott

Owner, Sylvan Glen Country Estate

Businesses need PR help however well they think they are doing and Foxed consistently delivers outstanding quantifiable results specific to our business on a great budget.

Brett Parbery

International Grand Prix Dressage rider

Nat simply knows what people want to hear on social media. She's taken our Facebook following from around 1,000 to over 8,000 in a few months, opening new markets and business opportunities.